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Caza: connecting people to nature

Founded in 1975, Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) is a private charitable organization representing the country’s leading zoological parks and aquariums. CAZA is committed to the advancement of accredited zoos and aquariums as humane agencies of animal welfare, conservation, science and education.*

As a registered charity, CAZA supports and enhances the conservation role of its members through a variety of public engagement and information initiatives and by partnering with like-minded organizations and institutions.

Thanks to its comprehensive accreditation program and Code of Professional Ethics, CAZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are recognized for their high standards of animal care. CAZA and its member institutions often partner with government and animal welfare agencies by providing training as well as expert assistance in investigations and in the rehoming of exotic animals.

Through their role as interpreters of a natural world increasingly under threat by human activity, CAZA member institutions help more than 12 million visitors each year connect with and care about nature. In addition to maintaining these vital links, our member institutions participate actively in hundreds of applied conservation programs and are behind some of the most remarkable conservation success stories, bringing species such as the Black Footed Ferret and the Vancouver Island Marmot back from the brink of extinction.

* CAZA does not grant or rescind operating licences or license the keeping of animals by zoological institutions. In Canada, the granting of licences is the purview of provincial and/or municipal governments.

Our Work

CAZA is active on many fronts: from inspecting and accrediting zoological facilities, to identifying and implementing best practices in animal welfare, to partnering with government and animal welfare agencies in relocating animals. But in the simplest terms, CAZA’s work consists of one thing: answering the question, “why zoos matter”.

Answering that question lets us engage in conversations about the role of zoos and aquariums in an increasingly urbanized society and their role in connecting people to nature—a role that has never been more important than it is today.

Zoos and aquariums the world over are evolving. Where once many saw their role simply as exhibitors of animals, accredited institutions the world over today share the belief that in addition to a moral and professional responsibility for the welfare of the animals in their care, they also have a responsibility to protect the planet’s biodiversity through public engagement, conservation and research.

Zoos and aquariums can be the catalyst that inspires a new generation of conservationists to carry out more research, rehabilitate more habitats, reintroduce more species and educate more people.

*Watch the video to see for yourself why zoos matter.

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Accredited Facility

The CAZA logo displayed alongside a zoo or aquarium’s name signifies excellence in animal care and management and a commitment to conservation and education. For institutions that become accredited members of CAZA, that logo carries with it some very tangible benefits...

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Individual & Corporate Membership

For an individual or corporation, joining CAZA means joining a growing community of professionals committed to animal welfare, conservation and to making a difference in their community and in the world. It means an opportunity to network and to share...

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Plan a Visit

When planning a visit to a zoo or aquarium, be sure to look for the CAZA logo. The CAZA logo tells you that you and your family will be visiting an institution where animals receive the highest standard of care and that is committed to conservation and quality education. Our members believe that we all have a responsibility to species conservation and to a healthy environment, and that they have a responsibility to the animals in their care. For the more than 12 million people that visit CAZA-accredited zoos and aquariums each year, the result is a positive, safe and often unforgettable experience.

If you know which facility you’d like to visit, click on one of the logos below to find out about programs, hours of operation and admission fees. If you’re unsure, or want to research your visit by geographic location please click here.




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Questions or Concerns?

CAZA is committed to promoting the highest standards of operation in Canadian zoos and aquariums through a process of self-evaluation, on-site inspections and peer review. While these site visits are conducted by trained zoo professionals, we believe that the 12 million visitors that every year cross through the gates of our member institutions are our best inspectors. If you see anything that concerns you about the operations of one of our member institutions, or have any questions, please contact us directly via the e-mail below. Every submission will be investigated.

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