Board of Directors


Lindsey Galloway, Director, Communications, Marketing & Sales, Calgary Zoo

In his 30 year career, Galloway has worked with some of Canada’s most iconic brands, including the Calgary Stampede, RBC Financial Group, and Canadian Airlines. Joining the Zoo’s senior leadership team in 2012, he is responsible for responsible for marketing, communications, event sales, education and customer experience at the Calgary Zoo. Galloway has sat on CAZA’s Board of Directors since 2015, including serving as Chair of the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Vice President

Paul Gosselin, Executive Director, Zoo de Granby







Past President

Clint Wright, Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, Vancouver Aquarium

Clint has spent over thirty years working in aquariums and joined the Vancouver Aquarium in 1990. He has extensive experience in animal training and husbandry. Clint’s technical expertise lies in aquatic animal management and he has overseen animal acquisition and transportation world-wide from killer whales to salt water crocodiles. He currently oversees and manages all aspects of animal management and care at the Aquarium, including the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.


Bernard Gallant, Animal Care Service Foreman, Magnetic Hill Zoo

Bernie is responsible for the Animal Care and Maintenance divisions of the Magnetic Hill Zoo. All full time, casual, and student Animal Care and Maintenance staff report directly to Bernie in regards to personnel issues, such as scheduling and training. His responsibilities include the daily operation of the zoo, management of current projects, and planning of future zoo projects. He also assists the manager in any of the zoo issues including safety and staff training.

Bernie received his Bachelor of Agriculture degree with a major in Animal Science from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, NS. He also received his MBA from the University of Moncton. Bernie worked as a Zookeeper for 20 years at the Magnetic Hill Zoo, caring for the reptiles, large carnivores, large hoovestock, and invertebrate collections. During his Zookeeper years, he became well known in the community for his live animal presentations. Bernie was named CAZA-AZAC’s Animal Care Professional of the year in 2009.

Representing Group A Institutions

Clint Wright, Senior Vice President & Aquarium General Manager, Vancouver Aquarium

Paul Gosselin, Executive Director, Zoo de Granby

Lindsey Galloway, Director, Communications, Marketing & Sales, Calgary Zoo

Representing Group B Institutions

Tim Sinclair-Smith, Manager Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park Zoo

Paul Goulet, Owner/Operator, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo

Representing Members at Large

Bernard Gallant, Animal Care Service Foreman, Magnetic Hill Zoo

Gary Lunsford

Andrew  Lentini, Curator of Amphibians & Reptiles, Toronto Zoo

Kim Walker, General Curator of Marine Life at West Edmonton Mall Property Inc.


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