Statement by Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums: Park Board Decision Based in Ideology as Opposed to Science and Interest of Rescued Cetaceans

OTTAWA, May 16, 2017: Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) is deeply concerned for the fate of rescued cetaceans following the decision by the Vancouver Park Board to amend bylaws prohibiting the housing of rescued whales, dolphins and porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre at the Vancouver Aquarium rescues over 100 marine mammals a year with a goal of whenever possible to release them back into the wild. However, sometimes an animal cannot be rehabilitated to the point where they could conceivable survive in the wild.  In these instances, they continue to receive world class care at the Vancouver Aquarium.

However, yesterday’s ill-advised decision to amend the bylaws has sentenced rescued cetaceans who have been classified as inadmissible back into the wild to death.  With no new whales, porpoises or dolphins receiving permanent care and rehabilitation at the Vancouver Aquarium, these animals will have no other option but to be euthanized.

We do not believe that yesterday’s decision was done so with the best intentions for the livelihood and survival of cetaceans in our shores.  We are unsettled that this decision was made based on ideology opposed to science, facts, and the wellbeing of rescued cetaceans.


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