CAZA Welcomes Recognition of Saskatchewan Government in New Regulations New Zoos will now be required to be CAZA accredited

OTTAWA (June 9, 2021) –

Last week the Government of Saskatchewan updated The Captive Wildlife Regulations to help protect native wildlife and ecosystems, and to ensure that public health and safety are maintained. “The recognition of CAZA standards by the Government of Saskatchewan is not only an acknowledgment of our standards, it is also an acknowledgment of the level of professionalism of the people who work at accredited facilities across Canada”, said CAZA executive director Jim Facette.

CAZA thanks the Government of Saskatchewan for recognizing as “the authority in Canada that sets Canadian standards for implementing best practices in animal welfare, conservation, science, and education.” As such “CAZA accreditation will be required for any new zoos in the province.”

Mr. Facette added, “as part of the implementation period, the CAZA family is ready to assist in any way possible even if rehoming of some animals is required.”


About CAZA:

CAZA is the voice of zoos and aquariums in Canada. We are the leading organization in Canadian animal welfare standards development, our accreditation process includes expert standards set by leading researchers, biologists, and academia who ensure we reflect the latest in animal welfare research, organizational management, and public safety protocols.  Through a science-based approach, CAZA’s accreditation bridges the ethical concerns with conservation and the public interest.


Jim Facette
Executive Director
Mobile: 613 850-2669


Link to Government of Saskatchewan Captive Wildlife Regulations

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