Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums Condemns Tiger Paw Odd & Unusual Auction

OTTAWA May 23, 2017: Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) is outraged learn of the acquisition and disposition of animals at the Tiger Paws Odd and Unusual Auction held in northwest Toronto over the long weekend.

The event, hosted by the owner of an unaccredited facility – Tiger Paw – is an appalling example of the need for more regulation on the keeping of exotic animals in the province of Ontario. With little government oversight, exotic animals are not only being sold to facilities that offer poor conditions, but also as pets to residents who lack the knowledge and ability to properly care for the animals required needs.

Out of hundreds of facilities operating in Ontario, only 13 have demonstrated a commitment to a higher standard of animal welfare through CAZA accreditation. CAZA requires its members to adhere to our Acquisition and Disposition policy which obliges members to do the following when acquiring or releasing animals in their collection:

  • Live animals must be provided to or acquired from animal suppliers having the qualifications and facilities to care for the animals in accordance with the CAZA Code of Professional Ethics and CAZA standards.
  • Legal restrictions on the acquisition or disposition of animals must be observed.
  • The institution must be concerned that the manner of disposition or acquisition be in the best interests of the animals, the species, the institution and the public it serves.
  • A medical history, normal diet and a management/husbandry summary must accompany or precede an animal relocation.
  • Animals will not be sold, traded or otherwise transferred to any organization or individual for the purpose of being hunted.

CAZA calls on the Government of Ontario to enact legislation to ban the practice of animal auctions, ban the keeping of exotic animals in private residences without a permit, and create regulations for the keeping of exotic animals that embody those required for CAZA accreditation.

For more information please contact:

Ashley Street

Manager, Research and Public Affairs

Phone: 613-878-0274


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