Accredited Zoos and Aquariums Federal Budget Expectations Remain Firm: “Most Recent Survey of Members Reaffirms Need for Federal Assistance to continue beyond June 2021”

OTTAWA (April 13, 2021)

Next week the federal government will bring down the first budget in almost two years, accredited zoos and aquariums will be looking for ongoing support in 2021. “One of our budget asks was that the existing federal programs remain in place for the remainder of 2021, our March survey of members confirms this”, said Jim Facette Executive Director & CEO of CAZA.

When asked about federal assistance during this pandemic, 94% of our members have made use of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). In a letter (February 18, 2021) sent to the Minister of Finance CAZA recommended that existing pandemic financial support, including the CEWS, continue to the end of 2021. Mr. Facette added, “Our most recent membership survey reaffirmed the need for the CEWS and other programs must continue to the end of 2021.”

About 40 percent of CAZA members across Canada also made use of the Temporary 10% Wage Subsidy, the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA), and the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund. Mr. Facette said, “these programs have been a major lifeline for our members, they have provided a solid bridge from one season to the next, ending them in June 2021 with the surrounding uncertainty will be a significant blow to our members.”

CAZA’s pre-budget submission also asked:

  • Regardless of the governance structure, all accredited zoos and aquariums be eligible for federal assistance.
  • A federal travel and tourist incentive program.
  • Infrastructure projects from accredited zoos and aquariums should qualify under the existing federal infrastructure program.


About CAZA:

CAZA is the voice of zoos and aquariums in Canada. We are the leading organization in Canadian animal welfare standards development, our accreditation process includes expert standards set by leading researchers, biologists, and academia who ensure we reflect the latest in animal welfare research, organizational management, and public safety protocols.  Through a science-based approach, CAZA’s accreditation bridges the ethical concerns with conservation and the public interest.



Jim Facette
Executive Director and CEO
Mobile: 613-850-2669


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