We thank our community, our members, and our devoted staff for allowing us to make strides in conservation and to continue to connect minds, young and old to nature. 

“I don’t look at five years ago; I look at five years from now. This is how we can innovate: we need to look to the future.” – Serge Lussier

“The world around us, is greater than we are.  All too often we think we’re greater than nature, but nature always wins in the end.  So, we need to learn to respect it, which I have done for many years.  We can get to know it, but we cannot control it. We must help it, live alongside it and protect it.” – Serge Lussier

Today marks our 50th anniversary. We announced at the beginning of 2020 the start of our evolution, and while we have much to celebrate with the accomplishments of our past, we look to the future.  We will continue to improve, to grow, and to become a world-class facility here in BC.

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