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Cheetah Story, Park Safari – Laval Families Magazine

(February 5, 2021) – Cheetah Story, Park Safari... Read More


Letter to Provincial Ministers of Tourism

OTTAWA (February 2, 2021) – Dear Minister: Canada’s accredited zoos and aquariums offer a controlled environment for both domestic and non-domestic animals. As members of CAZA each ... Read More


Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA)
Congratulates Assiniboine Park Zoo: Assiniboine Park Zoo reopening an example of industry standards at work

OTTAWA (January 29, 2021) – “Today the Assiniboine Park Zoo will open to its members and the public will be able to return on Saturday, January 30th, this is great news not only for ... Read More


Quebec’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums Need Guidance: Expected new Quebec lockdown measures need to account for zoo animal welfare

(January 5, 2021) – Quebec media reports today indicate residents in the Province of Quebec can expect the provincial government to announce that effective Saturday, January 9, 2021, e... Read More


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