Since its inception in 1975, CAZA has worked to develop accreditation standards that have become recognized as among the best in the world. Here at home, they serve increasingly as a benchmark for quality animal care and welfare; in fact, governments at all levels have been incorporating these standards into their regulatory frameworks either directly, by making CAZA accreditation a requirement for licencing, or by reference.

CAZA is proud to be a trusted partner of provincial and municipal governments and animal welfare organizations like local Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on a range of issues, including providing specialized assistance in enforcement actions and animal rescue and rehoming operations. While CAZA is pleased that a number of municipal and provincial governments have adopted the association’s standards as a requirement of licencing of zoos and aquariums, a number of jurisdictions continue to operate with weak or inexistent standards for the keeping and exhibition of wild animals. CAZA continues to advocate for a consistent and credible set of rules and regulations from coast to coast to coast.

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