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Accredited-process-guideThe CAZA logo displayed alongside a zoo or aquarium’s name signifies excellence in animal care and management and a commitment to conservation and education. For institutions that become accredited members of CAZA, that logo carries with it some very tangible benefits.

Anyone visiting a CAZA-accredited zoo or aquarium can be confident that it has met or exceeded rigorous standards, and that the institution continues to satisfy periodic reviews and site inspections carried out by zoological experts in the areas of operations, animal management, and veterinary medicine. As a result, CAZA accreditation is recognized at all levels of government in Canada as the gold standard in animal care and safety, as evidenced by the growing number of jurisdictions that are making it a requirement for licensing. It is also recognized by many other accredited institutions and zoological organizations as a requirement for participating in animal loan and exchange programs, including the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP).

Because CAZA accreditation is based on evolving best practices, CAZA members learn from one another and can benefit from the support of experienced professionals as well as National Office staff. Most of all, becoming an accredited member of CAZA means joining a network of professionals that share a passion for animal welfare, conservation and for making a difference in their community and in the world.

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